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Youth Voices Project


  • Most crimes reported by respondents were against the person in a public place and involved assault and /or robbery.
  • In most cases the crimes were relatively minor and no serious injuries or loss occurred.
  • Young people were mostly concerned about gangs in their local area, a term  which was used as a general description for groups of peers who cause trouble.
  • Most of our respondents had not participated in crime or ASB but many had low level contact with the police and authority, especially when out in a group.
  • Respondents generally felt safe in their local area.
  • Young people recognised the value of youth facilities and services even if they were not regular users of them, but thought they should be better publicised.
  • Young people saw supporting youth services and making the streets safer as their priorities for reducing crime and making their area a safer place.

Youth Voices: Young People in Bexley

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