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About Us

Formed in 2006, Future Communities has worked on a wide range of projects from its community hub in South East London. We work with a wide range of partners including the Big Lottery, Peabody Trust, various local authorities, Social Enterprise UK, and a wide range of charities, communities and social enterprises.

We focus on a number of key areas, including:

  • Research services
  • Training services
  • Community & neighbourhood development
  • Community engagement
  • Partnership development
  • Digital services and digital inclusion


These have developed into a range of distinct projects and programmes which are detailed both below and in other sections of this website. They include the following key activities:

  • To provide development and research services to enable disadvantaged communities, support equalities and social justice, combat social exclusion and poverty and to improve the quality of life for such communities and work with a range of groups, including community groups, tenants and residents associations, Black and Minority Ethnic groups and other disadvantaged or hard to reach groups.
  • To undertake research, development, training activities, project management and consultancy in matters relating to social inclusion, employment, training, education and health of such disadvantaged communities. We also write funding applications and fundraise for our partners and clients when appropriate to the project, programme or service.
  • To promote self-help initiatives to enable such communities to empower themselves and to promote community engagement and development.
  • To work in partnership with other agencies and to develop services on a partnership basis, if appropriate, which are beneficial to disadvantaged communities and to develop partnership projects, social enterprises and other initiatives to empower and involve local communities.
  • To focus development activities at neighbourhood level to combat social exclusion and poverty with local communities and to provide support for the development and delivery of neighbourhood community development activities.
  • To promote and develop digital services and activities to develop our core services, to support our clients, partners and communities, while supporting and upskilling our volunteers, staff and community groups and the individuals and neighbourhoods we support.


We are always interested in projects, opportunities or partnerships with community organisations, non-profit-making organisations, businesses, colleges and universities, local authorities and charities.

Email us at with your proposal or idea and we will respond accordingly.