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Impact Bexley

Executive Summary


To understand the personal experiences of people and the impact of regeneration on their families, neighbourhoods and communities. Further, to establish if people feel that regeneration delivers what they expected and achieves what they want.


The study was purely qualitative in nature; based on anecdotal evidence from semi-structured, open dialogues collected during a series of focus group meetings. Therefore, it cannot be claimed that the results are completely scientific and authoritative.


To reach out to people who rarely have the opportunity to engage in typical consultation exercises, especially those that are least likely to be reached by conventional engagement methods. For information about the target groups and organisations see page 2. Although not included in the formal focus group process, we did discuss issues of engagement with representatives of regeneration organisations. They noted that engagement with their respective target communities was far from straightforward and presented significant challenges.

Impact Bexley: Regeration – What People Think

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