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Volunteer Support Workshop

The project will offer training, ongoing mentoring and support as well as creating opportunities to volunteer. The object of the project will be to move people into volunteer placements, not just to train people in volunteering as a concept.

Volunteering is not always seen as an opportunity for people as there are issues around:

  • Lack of confidence to apply/work as a volunteer
  • Lack of knowledge of setting up community projects
  • No specific voluntary training within the local community
  • Lack of access to/knowledge of volunteering placements

The project would address these issues by offering training that covers:

  • Confidence-building, including interview skills
  • A clear understanding of what voluntary work involves
  • The advantages/issues with becoming a volunteer
  • Where/how to access voluntary work (local/national sources)
  • How to write a CV, detailing skills and abilities for potential volunteer placements
  • How to claim rewards for volunteering including Bexley Spice Credits

This training will be carried out through workshops delivered in community venues followed by the opportunity to access support on a 1:1 basis to apply for voluntary work and/or set up community groups and create opportunities for local volunteers. Information about volunteering opportunities, including working in the local community with local housing associations, the local authority and other partner organisations, will be provided.

We will appointment a mentor/coordinator to place people in volunteering activities, as well as offering ongoing confidence-building and problem-solving support. The mentor will be able to offer advice on how to access funding to set up community projects and on how to achieve ongoing sustainability of these projects.

The volunteer training will be held locally so that it is seen as a community-generated initiative.